Who Are You, Exactly? And What Is This Newsletter?

My name’s Ed, I’m the CEO of national Media Relations and Public Relations company EZPR, of which I am both the E (Ed) and the Z (Zitron).

I write about stuff that interests me - issues in society, primarily those surrounding tech, but occasionally move into other areas and more personal pieces depending on my mood. I try and write once a day, Monday through Friday.

I was previously a games journalist, writing for PC Zone, CVG, Eurogamer and others. I’ve been published in the Wall Street Journal, USAToday, TechCrunch, and named one of the top 50 PR people in tech four times. I’ve written two books, and you are welcome to learn more here.

I live and work out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Can I Contact You?

I am always on Twitter.com at @edzitron. You can also email me at ed@ezpr.com. You can also shoot me a text or give me a call at (347) 844-2149, which is my Google voice number.

I am on Pacific Standard Time, or Daylight Time, whichever one it currently is.

What If I Need A Quote On Camera?

I am generally well-read on whatever’s going on in tech, especially in regards to branding. I’ve got a home studio built and can do a quick phone-call or TV hit most days (a recent example).